REST in Practice

by Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidis, and Ian Robinson

The author team takes their RESTBucks coffee shop application through Richardson’s Maturity Model explaining the issues at each level. Java (JAX-RS) and .Net implementations.

Then they go on to explain the importance of Hypermedia, and mentions that the hypermedia is a part of the representation. I’m not quite sure about this.
I tend to disagree with the way they implement this; as a List<Link> member. There are benefits and security issues with this approach. It becomes possible for any client to set a link including overwriting a link. While this can have benefits, the immediate security issues of a client setting e.g. payment links to phishing sites are also present.

They also like to use the Atom and AtomPub envelopes, which I fail to see work on a more common approach, that is, on any other media than formatted text.

The book is more recent though, and a good read.

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