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The Nature of Software Development

søndag, september 21st, 2014

Great book on a difficult topic: What software development should be like for the best possible outcome for both developers, company, and customers.

When you have tasted freedom, and revered the respect that you probably know what you’re doing. When you have tried the true aspects of autonomous teams it is the more detrimental to have to work with a micromanaging and secretive project management hierarchy.

But what are the odds that such companies will actually read, understand, and implement the insights in the book?

Hopefully this book will instill trust in the rigid companies insisting that waterfall process with a single release is the only way. In that sense software remains invisible as the clothes in The Emperor’s New Clothes or The Emperor’s New Software.

ISBN: 978-1-94122-237-9

This is in regards to the Beta 1.0 release of the e-book  release on 2014-09-08 (in ISO 8601 format)