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Gamebased Marketing

lørdag, marts 12th, 2011

One of the ‘need to read’ books on gamification. The book may seem average and simple, but it is nonetheless worth a read. For anyone serious in the gamification business it is a required read.

The book provides a set of steps for starters into gamification under the premise that gamification should not have to cost the provider any money.

While some of the advice given seems elementary it is still important to follow or at the very least be aware of, e.g. Barrier to entry.

There are a few elements which seem rather American – and I don’t see a way to make this generally acceptable for any culture.

There is – in my mind – no doubt that Gamification will influence our lives in the future. I can’t wait for it to be introduced at a political level.

Gamebased marketing is not about sugaring marketing campaigns, it’s about making playable games first, then tie in the thing you want end users to do.